About Us

Cybermotion Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a 25 year old Innovative Technology oriented company promoted by IIT, IIM, NIT, TISS alumni, working in the area of Energy Saving, Automation, and Renewable Energy Solutions catering to the needs of Industries Nation Wide.

Successful innovative Projects

  • Guided Missile control : Air to Air Cruise Missiles, Strategic Missiles
  • Energy efficiency solar water pumping controller - Suryadhara.
  • Power saving and protecting Agricultural pump controller - Energy Harvest.
  • Energy efficiency controller for industrial use

Recognition and awards

  • Our in house R&D is recognized by Govt. of India, DSIR.
  • Awarded project funding of Rs.5 Cr. by Department of Science and Technology (DST) for manufacturing of our award winning solar water pump controllers
  • Gold medal for technical innovation IIGP 2011 for Air to Air Missile systems.
  • Gold medal for technical innovation IIGP 2011 for solar water pumping. (IIGP is India Innovation Growth Program by Dept. of Science and Technology and Lockheed Martin)
  • Pending patent in missile control, refrigeration control and water pumping.


Anand Jambholkar: IIT Delhi, IIM A, 29+ years of experience in technology project execution, planning, finance and marketing.

Praveen Jambholkar: NIT Warangal, 25+ years of experience in control systems, mechatronics, digital signal’s processing, power electronics, sensors, image processing. He leads the core design and engineering team developing award winning innovative products. He has wide range interest in academics research and guided many research scholars

Together they envision the company towards technology leadership in:

  • Smart Remote Monitoring – Leveraging artificial intelligence and cloud intelligence
  • Energy Savings- Holistic approach in pumping, chillers etc.
  • Solar Water Pump Controller and Grid Tied Solar Inverter.