Smart Remote Monitoring

Smart Remote Monitoring (SRM) consists of a remote GPRS based gateway which measures actual data of Solar Water Pumping system and sends it to Cloud based server.

The Cloud based server will receive periodic data from various solar water pumping systems at various locations , updating them in hosted database servers .

The server performs calculations/analytics on this data and will send this data as dynamic web pages on browsers or mobile app in the form of “Dashboard” to monitor and analyse the pumping systems’ performance.

Cybermotion Advantage

Cybermotion Technologies is an R&D based company with more than 25 years experience in Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Power Electronics , Control Systems, and now, Internet of Things (IoT) , Cloud Computing and Machine Learning .

The company has won the prestigious innovation awards “IIGP DST Lockheed Martin” gold medal for missile control and solar pump controller in 2011 and 2012.

Smart Remote Monitoring

  • A cloud based remote monitoring and control system for solar water pumping .
  • Basic data from each solar pump periodically, say every 5 minutes : Input Voltage, Input Current , Output AC current , Output AC frequency, Temperature of drive.
  • Estimated parameters : Power generated , Energy generated , water flow rate in LPM , Litres Pumped per Day ( LPD) , Total running time , controller status (Running, Stopped, Short Circuit, Pump Jammed, Dry Run, Open Circuit , Overload, Over temperature ).
  • SRM performs Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms to infer various insightful, critical parameters , not available otherwise , such as:
    • Improper MPPT
    • Partial shading of solar panels (or dirty solar panels or solar panel degradation)
    • Pump jamming frequently
    • Dry Run condition frequently
    • LPM ( estimated)
    • Ground water depth (estimated)
  • SRM has Machine Learning algorithms to predict and analyse and give remedies for various fault conditions , such as :
    • Controller overload
    • Controller short circuit
    • Controller over temperature
    • Decreased pumping
    • Less operational hours / day
    • System not working
    • Frequent pump jamming
  • One time data from Integrators :
    • Water head in metres
    • Location
    • Pumping system configuration. ex. 5 HP, 70 m head
    • Installation date with photos
    • Panel make, model, configuration , rated power, string Vmpp, Impp, Voc
    • Pump make , serial number , date of mfg., model , dynamic head range
    • Controller make, serial number, date of mfg. , generation


This is a graphical and interactive representation of real time plant information .

The mail purpose of SRM is to minimise the cost and effort of Operation & Maintenance of the solar water pumping systems under an integrator , other than being indispensable for the governmental monitoring agencies to take policy level decisions .

The Dashboard can be used to : Automatically analyse and detect problems from a huge data set ( distributed , multiple site management) Detailed site management . To ensure wellbeing of the site at present as well as in near future . (Predictive remote maintenance without technicians visiting remote sites) Issue tracking system.

  • Automatic fault logging by the remote pumping system
  • Fault logging by technician
  • Fault analysis : Human in the loop , assisted by Machine Learning at Server .
  • Issue closure optimization .ex. Scheduling of technician, spares inventory , etc.