Energy Saving in Agricultural Pumps: Energy Harvest

The electricity supplied to agriculture is either free or the tariff is very subsidized in India. The efficiency of agricultural pumps in India is dismally low as the market is dominated by low cost and inefficient pumps. There is no incentive to farmers to use efficient pumps.

Our unique agricultural pump controller solution, ENERGY HARVEST, is a revolutionary concept in rural power saving and agricultural pumps protection. This solution not only saves on the power given to the farming sector it can also remotely operate each pump set centrally and monitor its performance.

As a bonus, our system provides unprecedented protection to the farmers pumps.

Energy Harvest

Our controller saves about 30 % power from any agricultural pump. Using ordinary grid power and without using stable HVDS, it still protects the pump from damage.

  • Our concept of minimizing specific power consumption algorithm saves about 30 % power in rural pumping application.
  • Since the total cost of our system is low and installation is just plug –n-play, it means short payback periods and rapid deployment.
  • 5 years warranty built-in.
  • Optional Remote monitoring and control gives nodal agencies complete information and control on individual pump’s efficiency, usage pattern.
  • Enhance protection to pump from poor power quality from brownouts, dry runs etc.

Salient Features

  • Optimizing specific energy consumption required for agricultural pumps can save about 30% power with our ‘Energy harvest’ controller.
  • Ready solution of 3 HP, 5 HP and 7.5 HP pump sets.
  • Bypass mode and auto mode allows functioning of pump even when the controller is under maintenance.
  • Gradual ramping up/down decreases mechanical / electrical overload.
  • Rapid installation due to plug- n-play design.
  • Data logging.
  • Remote monitoring/control: the discom will be in total control of pump sets. It can also remotely start/ stop, ramp up/down pumps. The discom will have complete visibility of each pump set in terms of operational times efficiencies.
  • Increases power factor to better than 0.95.
  • Does not require a stable HVDS grid.
  • “Energy Harvest’ controller IP65 class protection. Pump set safety provided by ‘Energy Harvest Controller’
  • Ultra smooth ramp up/ down start/ stop
  • Dry run protection.
  • Under voltage protection.
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload protection