FAQs for Industrial Energy Efficiency

How do I evaluate the suitability of my chiller, pump for the energy efficiency solution ?

1.) The suitability for energy setup depends on it's usage, the more it runs the payback period is faster.
2.) The greater the variable load greater the suitability.
3.) Reciprocating chillers are eminently suitable for energy efficiency.

How do I validate energy saving ?

Ans.: We initially install a calibrated energy meter ten (10) days before installing our equipment. Your personnel will periodically record the power consumption, along with target temperature/pressure.
Similar readings are taken after our “Energy Optimization” control panel is installed. This gives a clear quantative energy savings.

How do I get started with your Energy Efficiency Solution ?

Ans. : Kindly call our representative for a site survey of your chillers / pumps.
Alternatively send us the details as per the feedback form given in the website. We will get back to you with a Techno Commercial quote.

How am I ensured of Energy savings ?

Ans.: In our formal offer, we give a performance warranty of at least 15% energy savings (actually can be more than 30%) for reciprocating compressor, and at least 10% energy savings for screw compressor.