Pumps and Fans

Pump driven equipments account for almost of 60% to 70% of Industrial Power useage.

Motor application such as Boiler feed pumps, compressed air, ID fans represent a largely un tapped power saving source easily saving 15% to 25% energy.

The rating of these pumps handled from 10 KW to 1500 KW.

Salient Features

  • Saves up to 15% to 30% power.
  • Remote monitoring and control.
  • Reduces break down in plants and machinery due to enhanced safety features, gradual ramping up / down of compressor, multiple safety interlocks.
  • Plug - n - play Installations causing minimal or no disruption to the plant while installation.
  • Holistic thermodynamics and control system giving optimal performance at minimum power.
  • Bypass mode feature: This feature ensures that the plant runs irrespective of the control panel.
  • Auto and manual operation of VFD and Bypass mode.
  • Data Logging.
  • Fault indication lamps in panel.
  • Touch screen operation.


  • Bulk drugs, Pharma Units: Number of pumps and fans from 60 HP to 350 HP compressors are used to regulate temperature in reactors, with intermediate brine tank.
  • Buildings: Commercial complexes such as offices, Malls etc. use chillers, cooling towers and AHU for air conditioning.
  • Cold Storage: Chillers with compressors of up to 60 Hp cooling tower and AHU’s