Solar Water Pumping Controller: Suryadhara

Suryadhara is an award winning, patent pending ruggedized Solar Water Pump Controller.

Our 'Maximum Power Point Tracking' (MPPT) algorithm has an efficiency of about 98%, resulting in an increased pumping by 15%.

Cybermotion advantage:

  • Cybermotion technologies is an R&D based company with more than 25 years experience in Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Power Electronics, Control Systems, and now, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Machine Learning.)
  • The company has won the prestigious innovation awards “IIGP DST Lockheed Martin” gold medal for missile control and solar pump controller in 2011 and 2012..


  • Designed and developed as per MNRE guidelines
  • True MPPT algorithm. Dynamic and fast response with above 98% efficiency.
  • Many VFDs implement tracking a fixed Voltage at maximum Power Point (Vmpp) resulting poor efficiency. This is pseudo MPPT algorithm. (adjust figure).
  • Auto ON/OFF with sunrise and sunset.
  • IP54 rated enclosure. The enclosure is sealed, with IP65 rated external fans.
  • Can operate without fans due to extra sized heat sink and high electrical efficiency
  • Heavy duty circuit breaker for solar DC ON/OFF.
  • Pump blockage detection and auto unjamming.
  • Smart remote Monitoring using GPRS with Predictive Maintenance features to reduce Operations & Maintenance costs.
  • Cloud based customer support software.


  • Output overload
  • Short circuit
  • Open circuit
  • Dry run (sensorless)
  • Pump blockage
  • Over temperature
  • Reverse polarity
  • Surge voltage due to lightening

Predictive Maintenance with Smart Remote Monitoring

A Cloud based Monitoring and Control system for large number of solar water pumping systems distributed across geographical regions . It can perform Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms to infer critical information from the basic data sent by each installation .

  • Basic data from each solar pump : Vdc, Idc, Pdc, , Iac , temperature of drive
  • Estimated parameters : Pdc, KWhr, LPM, LPD, Total running time
  • Detection based on Analytics :Partial shading , Dirty solar panels, Improper MPPT, Improper selection of sub-system .

Technical Specifications for Suryadhara controller